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Medicine Session and other musings..

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Hey guys,

Must be time for my 5 yearly update! :) :)

Tis true, I have been rather quiet as a performer of late. There has been a lot going on - both professionally and personally over the last couple of years. I'm happy to say the guitar is popping up in my hands more and more of late, whether it be session playing on various albums I'm producing or engineering, or performing as a soloist or with a band or two around the traps.

One of the more recent endeavours to challenge myself and combat the heightened tensions of Covid-19 lockdowns, was the inception of 'The Medicine Sessions' - a livestream music series where I brush off the rust, play a few tunes and speak to other fellow musicians and creatives. We're only two episodes in at the time of this writing, but you can find the first couple of episodes of 'The Medicine Sessions' on my streaming business' facebook page - PodStream Facebook Page - While you're there, be sure to give the page a like and follow to see further eps. I'd be most appreciative!

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